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Just a mom n' pop gaming lab.


Team and methods information


Team and methods information


EV.Unit is a couple of gamers who make games. We have released a few android mobile games that are available at the Google Play Store.

A businessman Trump holding a gremlin Trump facing a demon Trump

My Little Trumpy

"Bigly fun!"

Trumpies are little critters that feed off orange-based foods. Born as blocks of cheddar cheese, they grow as they eat. With My Little Trumpy, you can raise your own little Trumpy pets! Feed and love their ego to watch your little rascals grow up!

Download My Little Trumpy here!

screenshot of gremlin trump

hamster running on wheel with drills breaking into the magma

Kill Drill

"What the frack?"

Pickles rotates the Earth by spinning the hamster wheel at the planet's core. Oh no! Evil forces are destroying the Earth by sending drills to extract vital resources!

Help Pickles ward off these evil frackers by destroying their drills and rigs with explosive peanuts!

Download Kill Drill here!

screenshot of kill drill

a ninja like warrior jumping at a knight like warrior lit up by a stained glass window

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kill!

"En garde!"

Ropascki, the city-state of the Three-Handed God, is under internal conflict. The three main factions have put the city in a state of war. Choose a champion to bring glory to your clan.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kill is a stylized version of the classic dueling game. Mixed with elements of traditional arcade fighting games, RPSK gives users a revamped rock, paper, scissors experience.

Download Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kill here!

screenshot of rock paper scissors kill

the motivator in front of a dystopic city


"You can do it!"

Motivator is a self-help guru who specializes in fulfilling individual potential with positive reinforcement.

Download Motivator here!

screenshot of motivator