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Team and methods information


Team and methods information


Crobia: Enter the Petridome is an arcade style multi-player battle arena built for PC/Mac (console versions coming soon!) designed and built by our team, EV.Unit.

Crobia gameplay

Crobia Lore

Despite a history of constant warfare, humanoids, beasts, and demons all finally united to form the nation of Crobia.

Eons of peace and progress brought upon an age of technology!!!

However, old habits die hard... an innate bloodlust still exists in their DNA.

Thus, to mitigate the damage, champions are shrunk to a microbial level to engage in murderous sports for entertainment.

Enter the Petridome! Here, 8 champions will battle and complete objectives to win glory for their team.

Each game mode has multiple ways to win. Green portals teleport power-ups as well as dangerous microbes into the arena.

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